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Through our holistic approach for pain relief, physical recovery and supportive care for chronic diseases, PAW Rehabilitation Center offers a variety of modalities and products to help support your pet's joint health, immune system or assist you with you pet's home care or mobility needs.


From supplements that help keep your pet calm, modalities that keep your pet more comfortable, sanitary options for debilitated pets and home massage and exercise instruction tailored for your pet's condition, we have solutions you can start using at your first visit.





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A state of the art veterinary facility dedicated to physical rehabilitation therapy for pets. 


The emerging speciality of veterinary physical rehabilitation creates new and advanced applications for improving your pet's condition and monitoring progress.


We provide wellness solutions and products for physical, behavioral and dietary applications. 


Our therapies are often part of a collaborative approach to your pets recovery. Appointments by referral from a general practitioners and veterinary specialists are always welcome. 

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