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Obesity can reduce a pet's lifespan causing a variety of health issues such as diabetes. It can contribute to heart problems and can aggravate arthritic joints. Through diet modification and exercise as well as fitness and conditioning programs utilizing land or underwater treadmill, we can help pets get back on the road to good health which means a happier, longer life.  

To request a food nutrition and fitness consultation, you can call Paw Rehab at (818) 847-7299 or at

  • Holistic consultation 

  • Chinese Food Therapy

  • Weight Loss & Conditioning

  • Aging & Cognitive Support

  • Neutraceuticals/Supplements

  • Veterinary Diets: Whole food, canned and kibble commercial and prescription diets

  • Behavioral Aids & Emotional Support (Fear Free Calming Aids)

  • Sanitary Grooming

PAW REHAB is pleased to announce our alliance with Chi Dog, the first and only balanced, whole food cooked dog meal delivery service based on Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine principles! Developed by veterinarians Dr. Susan Bohrer and Dr. Christopher Berg, all recipes are  formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages. Chi Dog is balanced and complete for all dogs, including large breed puppies.

By taking a fun questionnaire on the Chi Dog website, you can identify your dog’s Element, ensuring your dog will receive the most beneficial diet for their body type. You may also schedule a food therapy consult with one of our doctors.

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