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In advance of your appointment, please read the updated covid 19 information and PAW REHAB protocols

Dear PAW REHAB clients,

April, 2023


For the most current LA County policy on covid-19 policies for business please refer to this link


What this means for PAW REHAB:


We will now be allowing clients to enter into the facility in a limited capacity. Out of responsibility for the health and safety of our staff members and for your safety, we will continue to require clients and staff to wear masks regardless of vaccination status. This is because of the continued risks of the new variants as well as the continued obligation of quarantine requirements placed upon employers by Cal OSHA and LA County in the event of symptoms or exposure. Helping to reduce the risk of exposure by continuing to wear a mask and to be mindful of distancing hopes to lessen unexpected and extended absences of our staff members which affects our ability to see patients and inconveniences our clients by needing to reschedule appointments due to staff shortages. We hope to avoid this in order to best serve your pet’s needs and we appreciate your understanding.

Appointment Check-in

We will continue to require clients to complete the Covid symptoms questionnaire prior to their appointment and entry into our facility which will accompany the standard appointment reminder check-in form.


We continue to encourage contactless payments.


There are hand sanitizing stations throughout the facility including two stations in the lobby and one in the lobby restroom.


We require clients to wear a mask during their interaction with our staff and continue to ask clients to be mindful of distancing inside the facility. Our lobby can service up to a maximum of 3 to 4 clients at a time. Clients may also use the benches outside of our facility but please be mindful of our policy of “no nose to nose”interaction with other pets while visiting.

For clients who do not wish to enter, you may still request to drop-off at the front entrance at the time of your appointment and at discharge.


For routine session visits, we will continue to keep communications in person brief but will now be able to do so in the lobby or at the front door for clients that do not wish to enter. We are still happy to communicate via phone or email as well.

For home instruction sessions, we will meet with the client either in the lobby or a room depending on availability.


For initial consults and recheck evaluations, the doctor will examine your pet and will meet with you either in the lobby or in an exam room to discuss findings and plan at the end of the visit. We are happy to communicate via phone or email as well.


For clients that are new or for current clients that have not been in our facility prior, we are offering brief tours. As prior to the pandemic, our policy is to perform the therapies without the client present in order to have the best attention of the therapists and focus of the patient. This also keeps noise and distractions to a minimum for our patients. Pets relax more readily and we are able to treat the pet and address needs more efficiently and timely with this method.


As the pandemic and the concerns of the virus are still present, please be aware that if you choose to visit the facility, you are doing so with the awareness of the potential risk of exposure. In the event that we are informed of a client or staff member testing positive for the coronavirus and you have been in the facility at the time, you will receive a notice of potential exposure but the privacy of the individual will be maintained. As long as at least 6 feet of distancing has been maintained you will not be considered at risk for a close contact exposure. We ask that if you have any new symptoms that may be related to Covid or are Covid positive, to refrain from visiting regardless of vaccination status.


We thank you for your cooperation and appreciate your role in helping to keep us safe!


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